Vermont Drone Photography

Welcome to the relaunch of my blog about being a photographer in Vermont. It’s been a long time since I have written in this blog. Our son was born in 2013 and is now a rambunctious, talkative and curious four-year old. Needless to say, he is the focus of much of our attention and energy. This year I have had to have two foot surgeries – one planned in March and one unplanned in July, so I have spent several months on crutches. I have gained an even greater appreciation for mobility, independence and the kindness of friends and family to drive me around and help with everyday chores, errands and outings.

For the past year I have been flying a DJI Mavic Pro drone to make aerial pictures around Vermont. This has energized my enthusiasm for photography and provided a new perspective on the Green Mountains. Vermont’s landscapes of small towns, winding roads, rivers and lakes take on a different look from the air. And as I am on crutches for a few more weeks, the drone allows me greater aerial mobility to achieve a fresh bird’s-eye view of the landscape around me.

Going West

Going West

I first lived in California as a nineteen-year old filled with visions of Jack Kerouac, Raymond Chandler, Carlos Santana and the Grateful Dead. From Vermont I was pulled west to the crashing waves of the Pacific in search of romance, freedom and a college education at San Francisco State. I was hooked on the abundant sunshine, diverse population and rugged geographic shelf cantilevered out over the Pacific Rim.

San Francisco, California San Francisco, California

Ten years later I lived in the Bay Area again, having met my wife, who was working in San Francisco and had grown up in Northern California.  Since then I have returned often to San Francisco and am always drawn back to its most iconic landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco, California Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California. San Francisco, California San Francisco, California