A Bird’s-eye View of Vermont

Four Seasons Above Vermont’s Landscape

I’ve been using a drone to make aerial photographs of Vermont for several years, but only recently have I been photographing straight down on the landscapes of the Green Mountains. My first impulse as a drone photographer was to go as high as possible – 400 feet – and make pictures of familiar landscapes – very exciting! But after a while I started looking down from a bird’s eye view and was drawn to the more abstract patterns on the land – orchards, trees, rivers, roads, lakes and forests. Vermont is well known for its protected lands, conserved forests and well-kept villages – photography can help steward this conservation. From above I can better appreciate the man-made and natural patterns of Vermont. As the leaves start to fall and the seasons change, I look forward to photographing Vermont’s landscapes with fresh eyes, from the bird’s eye perspective of a drone.

New Landscapes – Vermont Drone Photography Portfolio and Video

I’ve been making photos with a drone for almost two years and it’s transformed my perspective on landscape photography in Vermont. Having worked as an editorial and commercial photographer for more than twenty years I have photographed many people and places in the Green Mountains. In the past I would hire an airplane, get a ride on a National Guard plane during a news event or get paid to make photos from a helicopter. Now I can set up in five minutes and launch my DJI Mavic 2 Pro into the air with only my smart phone and an FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot’s Certificate. Sometimes I use the drone as part of an assignment, but many times I will head out with a hunch, not knowing what I will see. Once airborne, the drone allows me to see new views and make visual discoveries.

I strongly value the network of photographer friends I have met through monthly ASMP gatherings. Instagram has been a great way to share much of this drone photography. Click here to see my full portfolio of Vermont Drone Photography. I am very grateful for Corey Hendrickson for making this one minute video portrait about my drone photography.